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Throughout the investment cycle, what is known as the value of the underlying property will play a decisive role.

In this respect, real expertise and a meticulous follow-up will help you to see more clearly on issues such as relations with tenants, financing, arbitration, sale, purchase, structural optimization…

Expert missions :

  • Market value
  • Fair value
  • Market rental value
  • Value of the right to the lease
  • Value of the business goodwill or eviction indemnity
  • Mortgage value
  • Contribution value

An expertise of the real estate rights can be carried out, in continuation of use, in reconversion, under the regime of full ownership, during a dismemberment or right limited in time (temporary authorizations of occupation, construction or emphyteutic leases, bare ownership, usufruct, life annuity).

Rodschinson is able to carry out appraisals on different types of property and products: housing, social housing, student housing, premises, shops, logistics or industrial issues, health establishments, residences for the elderly, bare land, etc. Different formats are offered, from the most detailed to the most analytical.