ROD Family Office

Rodschinson Investment offers to help its clients create and develop a family office, and to assess and support their current structure.

We understand the importance of preserving family’s capital accumulated for present and future generations. In general, a family office is established to manage and leverage the family’s wealth with an emphasis on care and leadership rather than just growth.

Our team of experts appreciates and recognizes the uniqueness and difference of each family office and cherishes the core values and needs of each individual family.

We are fully committed to our clients’ success. We build a robust relationship with each family and at the center of this special relationship is a dedicated private banker, whose main target is to respond to their needs and values, and to actively help protect and build their wealth.

With partner offices in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Rodschinson Investment provides a worldwide service no matter where the family office is located and brings together the right team, ideas and opportunities to achieve their goals.

Our advisors will assist our clients with business succession issues across generations and help manage their wealth and pass on the knowledge and experience to the next generation.

Our services include counseling on the type of family office, supervising and estate planning, wealth advisory and administrative assistance from accounting, tax and legal support.