ROD Smes


At Rodschinson Investment, we understand the vital role of SMEs in the development of the market economy and offer them a wide array of services designed to help them reach their potential.

Our services include strategic business planning, corporate finance advisory, business development, market development, wealth creation and preservation, operational management, project development, financing solutions and human resources among others.

Our team of experts works alongside SMEs to help them develop their businesses, grow and succeed and eventually become a major player in their local economies and afterwards on the regional level.

Rodschinson Investment has a well-established track record in helping small and medium businesses around the globe increase their influence; and in transforming the lives of their employees, their families and their societies.

To support these companies in a world where globalization, high competitiveness and rapid advancements in technology and communication keep transforming the world, our team of dedicated professionals stay up to date with the market developments securing excellence, market-leading analysis and sophisticated technical solutions.

Our team offers SMEs services in financial, strategic and technical areas while identifying their personal goals and objectives.

We value the uniqueness of each client and are committed to deliver world-class, customized insights and advanced solutions to create more prosperous and long-lasting small businesses.

Generally, SMEs tend to rely on external consultants for professional services to assist them in enhancing and expanding their business model in addition to providing day-to-day advice.

The type of SMEs that are more prone to seek out external business advisory and consultancy services usually include those with high growth rates or prominent growth potential; those with high indebtedness levels or seeking funding; and larger and younger SMEs.