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International Property Management

For multinational companies the optimization of their assets is of crucial importance.

Indeed, as their real estate assets are spread over several countries, it is essential that these companies consider international taxation as a real strategic issue that will inevitably impact their performance.

To do so, it is necessary to play on all fronts since it is necessary to know how to address internal and external stakeholders while ensuring a good flow of information and of course to be up to date with the laws and regulations of the real estate sector.

These are therefore complex projects that call for a range of expertise.

Since managing such projects is no small task, it is advisable to surround oneself with a competent and experienced team that will be able to meet the customers’ expectations and successfully complete the project as a whole.

Whether for ad hoc issues or the coordination of transversal international projects, Rodschinson Investment will create a tailor-made solution supervised by the most renowned experts in its international network.

Here is what we can do for you:


If required, it is also possible to offer turnkey services of an operational nature.

The Rodschinson Investment team will then be in charge of providing its customers with a team that will be entirely dedicated to them.

With our experience, depending on your needs, we can take charge of managing the logistical aspects of your project as well as the stages of competitive intelligence, due diligence or even negotiation.

All of this will of course depend on the diagnosis that will be made of your situation and your projects. In all cases, it is a tailor-made solution that we offer.

Our specialized teams guarantee the optimal management of your real estate projects abroad.

In addition, our clients benefit from a consultant who will be responsible for keeping them informed of the progress of the file so that they can know at any time where they stand and organise their business accordingly.