ROD Fundraising

Our specialists bring years of field fundraising experience and expertise to each engagement.

We work with organizations and teams in a myriad of sectors, guiding new gift programs as well as complex development operations.

Our team understands today’s challenges surrounding raising finance especially in the prevailing economic environment, thus we are constantly assisting businesses in devising innovative ways to raise finance to convert their thoughts into action and subsequently impact.

We acknowledge the fact that everything an organization wishes to achieve in the future is contingent on the success of today’s fundraising.

At Rodschinson, we execute fundraising effectively and strategically, aimed at building an evidence-based fundraising infrastructure, hence all fundraising endeavours including major gifts, capital campaigns, grant-seeking, and corporate giving, are observable and accountable.

We help our clients construct their ideal-donor profiles, develop key performance indicators, devise effective management tools and easy tracking methods.

Our experts help our clients improve their results using adequate structure, methods, and management tools. We know that long-term change necessitates long-term implementation assistance and so we provide management with strategic planning for the entire firm.

Rodschinson admits that a client’s annual fund is the backbone of its operations. In this perspective, our team can support firms in the improvement of every aspect of their annual giving program which is the cornerstone on which all philanthropy is to be constructed.

We can examine, evaluate and support firms with every single feature of their program, from resources and calendars to strategies and procedures, to help them achieve a larger impact and have long-lasting success.