ROD Industrial and Logistics

Industrial and Logistics

Logistics platforms have many functions and are the true foundation of a constantly changing supply chain.

Location, accessibility, loading bays, manoeuvring areas, site dimensions and technical characteristics, regulatory requirements – all these generalized and specific criteria need to be factored into the decision-making process when setting up or acquiring such facilities.

From XXL warehouses to cross dock sheds or small depots located in built-up areas, the range of available products is sufficiently diverse to meet the requirements of users at a time when sales channels are growing ever more interconnected.

Challenges include circuit responsiveness, increased productivity, cost rationalization and new technologies. All in all, considerations of strategy are becoming increasingly important in real estate.

On the industrial front, with ranges of diversified premises with divisible plots and flexibility in respect of dominant features (production, distribution or more service-oriented premises), business premises – whether in a general or industrial park setting – are now noted for their considerable versatility.

Reactivity of circuits, an increase of productivity, rationalization of costs, and new technological situation: the stakes are multiple and the real estate dimension is more and more strategic.

On the industrial front, with diversified ranges of surfaces, divisible frames and more or less marked dominants (productive premises, distribution or more tertiarized), the activities premises – in the diffuse or integrated within parks – are defined by their high degree of versatility.

The comprehensive knowledge of local markets, the anticipation of the transformations of the sector are the guarantee of an optimized response, whatever the surface involved.

Whether dealing with SMEs, SMIs, major retailers and industries, parcel delivery and shipping companies or logistics providers, we support all our industrial & logistics clients through every stage of their real estate dealings:

  • Location strategy best suited to optimized logistics blueprint
  • Lease or acquisition: every solution is tailored to satisfy the individual client’s requirements and match them with specific market opportunities. Whichever route is chosen.
  • lease or acquisition, existing or turnkey premises.
  • we provide end to end support, including all regulatory and legal formalities (building permit etc.)
  • Facility management: service contract management (technical maintenance and services to occupiers), reporting, energy optimisation, performance management etc.
  • Sale & leaseback
  • Consulting for land and brownfield sites redevelopment

With our in-depth knowledge of the special features of the industrial & logistics sector and of the opportunities available in the market, we make it possible for clients – property developers, owners, investors, municipalities – to ensure optimum profitability for their real estate operations and secure feasibility of real estate projects.

We operate in:

  • Leasing
  • Sale and acquisition
  • Property management
  • Valuation