ROD Pharmacies


Pharmaceutical companies have undergone a considerable transformation and are facing a more challenging environment characterized by the need of new invention and the burdens to attain higher levels of efficiency, productivity and affordability.

Rodschinson Investment provides professional support for pharmaceutical organizations regardless of their size and stage of development, including start-ups, well-known companies and prominent investors.

Our team of pharmaceutical business consultants provides profound knowledge and experience in critical areas including company and portfolio strategies, fundraising, program prospect and feasibility evaluations, new product research and development, value-based pricing and market access, and product launch preparations.

Furthermore, taking into account the constant regulation changes, our team has concluded that the direct sales approach has lost its momentum and subsequently is no longer as effective as it was in the past and that the marketing schemes need to be altered and updated drastically.

The rise in the emerging markets has also shifted pharmaceutical companies’ strategies and made them revise their international presence.

Pharmaceutical firms must adjust their approach and grab the emerging growth opportunities through innovation, expanding their products, establishing new joint ventures and expanding their outreach in the emerging markets.

Our specialists will support our clients at every stage of the product development, ensure the value maximization at each phase and help find, assess and measure new assets.