ROD Resorts


We have a distinctive approach to transform our clients’ resorts into a successful and thriving business. With our unique and creative vision, we equip our clients’ resort with a competitive edge and help them achieve astonishing results.

Our proven and perfect track record positions us as main players in the hospitality consultancy.

Our methodology relies on challenging the traditional order with our best practices and proven strategic procedures. We can intervene at all the project stages, whether our clients need support in devising and introducing an innovative and creative resort concept, remodeling and restructuring an underachieving facility, or enhance the financial performance before offering their resort for sale.

Our team of consultants manages a much diversified international portfolio of resort companies operating across the board including beach and ski resorts, boutique hotels, luxury design hotels, pioneering hotel concepts, apart hotels, vacation rental properties, small rural hotels, modern budget hotels, youth hostels, and bed and breakfasts.

We offer a flexible service and client-focused thorough approach. With our effective methods, we assist our clients in addressing their right priorities, producing an effective return on investment on their resort and increasing their financial performance.

It worth mentioning that with the constant challenges facing the hotel, leisure and tourism sectors and with the boom of online travel marketing, our experts’ assistance is deemed essential to maintain the resort’s competitive advantage, market superiority and future viability.