Rod Transport


Transportation and logistics companies are concerned with the movement of humans, animals, and goods from one place to another.

Transport companies must actively adapt their strategies to the changing economic environment as a result of globalization, the liberalization of markets, the changes in consumer preferences, and the changes in stakeholders’ interests including new technologies, societal and environmental matters.

Modes of transport consist of air, land including rail and road, water, cable, pipeline, and space.

Our team has executed numerous projects to boost performance for passenger transportation companies in all markets. We work together with our clients to resolve their utmost urgent strategic and operational challenges, then we devise and implement solutions for long-lasting effects.

Our passenger transportation work portfolio comprises engagements with leisure passenger transportation, mass transportation, roadways and railways, in addition to cruise and bus operators.

We have assisted companies in the transport industry optimize their fleet operations, expand their infrastructure, effectively outline their market, and evaluate and seek creating synergies across regions, sectors and customer base.

Our knowledge in the transportation advisory mainly includes corporate and business unit growth strategy, strategic management, performance enhancement and supply chain management, fleet and network optimization, information technology, marketing strategy and portfolio strategy.

Our methods have proven to improve flexibility, lessen complexity and upgrade the decision-making process for our clients.