ROD Corporate

In light of today’s business environment characterized by globalization, technology and innovation, high degrees of uncertainty, corporations need to act fast in order to thrive, maintain their competitiveness and focus on solving some of the most complex challenges they face.

Rodschinson Investment provides corporations with effective insights into structuring options with a view to improve stakeholders’ value to organizations all over the globe.

Our team of highly skilled experts has country, market and sector knowledge, combined with extensive technical experience, offering as such a corporation with the adequate mix of technical, commercial and operational experience for each unique situation.

At Rodschinson Investment, we rely on rigorous and fact-based analyses to assist companies in generating effective strategic business plans that emphasize sustainable value creation at acceptable levels of risk.

Our approach is customized for each company and is based on the understanding of the business, situation and needs. We offer solutions in the areas of capital market consulting, portfolio choices, corporate structuring and restructuring, business structuring, inbound and outbound investments structuring.

Our team helps companies formulate portfolio selections based on an in-depth understanding of each asset’s full potential and make effective financial decisions that allocate resources efficiently among different assets in order to achieve the highest levels of value creation.