ROD Parkings

Parking spaces

Rodschinson Investment helps companies design, update and enhance their parking operation.

We have a long experience in parking functional design solutions, strategic planning and management consulting, updated technology, facility maintenance and restoration. We guarantee the usage of the industry best procedures and state-of-the-art technology.

Our team is present to assess the needs of our clients from determining the right number of spaces for their parking structure, deciding on the right technology to be used, or conducting a feasibility and demand studies.

Our team will conduct a thorough parking feasibility study, provide cash flow projections and models to help our clients verify the economic viability of a parking facility.

In the ever-changing world of parking, every parking operation will sooner or later require a revision of the parking systems, technology, equipment or operator contracts.

Our experts support our clients in developing a successful parking program by identifying revenue opportunities, maximizing profitability, upgrading revenue control systems, improving customer service, lowering operating costs, and enhancing public perception.

We understand our clients concerns and needs and help them adjust their parking operation to their business targets.

Our consultants can assist a wide array of clients from a municipality looking to transfer to a multi-space structure, or a university, airport or commercial property looking to generate additional revenue or upgrade customer service.