Real Estate Investment and M&A on a global scale require constant strategic monitoring and precise knowledge of local market changes.
For better business intelligence and regulatory watch, you need a reliable and efficient partner.

For decades, Rodschinson Investment has built an outstanding network around the globe. We offer tailored services to our private and corporate customers.

Discover our services and see what Rodschinson Investment can do for you!

Real Estate

Want to discover how the art of excellence creates an exceptional buying or selling experience? By putting the customer at the heart of our concerns, we ensure that the real estate transaction is a positive and exciting experience.

For all types of assets: commercial, industrial, hotel and more, Rodschinson has the expertise and exhaustive knowledge combined with the desire to satisfy you, allowing you to complete the transaction in complete fluidity and security.

Sales & Leaseback

Supporting for companies at every stage of the sale & leaseback process for single properties or portfolios.

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Assets portfolio valuation

Independent appraisal of the value of assets for tenants, owners/investors or the organisations that finance them.

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International Property Management

Tailor-made solutions supervised by our renowned international network of experts to offer optimal management of your real estate projects abroad.

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Capital Markets

A 360-degree perspective on real estate assets and their potential worth, including benchmarks for rental values, analysis of building space efficiency and energy performance…..

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Expertise and a meticulous follow-up to help with: relations with tenants, financing, arbitration, sale, purchase, structural optimization.

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Real Estate Strategy

Flexible and optimized tailored real estate portfolio strategy, in line with the corporate’s culture, the property markets and the new working methods required in the digital workplace.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Buying or selling a business is a very sensitive decision that will have a significant impact on your entrepreneurial future. It must be planned and professionally assisted.

In fact, it is important to know how to evaluate the scope of the action and the investment required to achieve the expected objectives and to know how to define the contractual terms, the terms and the nature of the agreement between the stakeholders.

Due Diligence

Thorough examination of the development potential and the risk assessment that could result from the acquisition of the target project.

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Tax Optimisation

A service to help you anticipate your company’s future challenges and strengthen your current status by optimizing measures in compliance with the current tax laws.

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Turnkey & Restructuring

Everything from the analysis of the initial situation to completion of the deal, including follow-up of the corrective measures which you chose to adopt.

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