ROD Capmarkets

Residential Real Estate Investing

As an asset, housing is in a class of its own, offering low volatility in returns, a pooling of the rental risk and good liquidity on the resale of buildings – either as a block or in lots.

However, residential property is also subject to a tight regulatory leasing, investment and urban planning framework (rent controls, tenants’ rights, social housing requirements, pre-emption risk etc.), that must be taken into account when considering an investment.

Our Residential team offers every type of service relating to residential property: Valuation and development consulting, Block Sales and Individual Sales.

Our close-knit network of Residential consultants aims to build up a long-term relationship with each client. Their experience and multi-disciplinary skills guarantee the quality of their advice.

Before the value of a housing asset can be determined, an accurate initial analysis of its market is required. We provide:

  • Market research
  • Analysis of regulatory impacts
  • Valuation of buildings based on sales in lots or sales of whole blocks
  • Land redevelopment, office/housing conversion

Block Sales Consultants specializing in Block Sales operate throughout France, supporting investors in their hold/sell strategies for residential or mixed-use properties:

  • Sale of assets or company shares
  • Sale of existing or off-plan properties
  • Land development Housing or mixed-use buildings
  • Sale of housing in co-ownership properties
  • Sale of upmarket housing
  • Sale in lots of wholly-owned buildings (management of the transfer to co-ownership, application of joint agreements, rights of pre-emption etc.)
  • Off-plan sales on behalf of property developers (sales office and site sales management, marketing management, back office etc.)